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Ask The Stylist Hairdresser

Ruth asks… What is the proper way to tip a hairdresser? I’ve never had my hair professionally cut before and so I don’t know when is the best time to tip a hairdresser and what is the appropriate amount. Help me out! Thanks! The Stylist answers: USA 15% more if it’s a great job. Sharon … Continue reading

Ask The Stylist Hair Color For Men

Steven asks… can i use just for men hair color but i don’t have gray hair i just want to die my hair? can i have black hair but i want blond hair can i use JUST FOR MEN to change my color of hair but i dont have gary hair am only 19 The … Continue reading

Ask The Stylist Waxing The City

James asks… does anyone know where i can get my hair dreaded WITHOUT any wax or chemicals? in the city of Los Angeles? im in south gate so like hollywood, dt LA or smaller cities. The Stylist answers: Just dont wash your hair or comb it for ages !!!! Its really nasty especially for a … Continue reading

Ask The Stylist Hair Salons In Las Vegas

Donald asks… What is the best hair salon in Las Vegas NV? If I so chose to cut my hair were should I do it? Were is the best salon for young hip cuts that arent too costly? The Stylist answers: Diva Studios on South Eastern is the best in town, not exactly the cheapest…a … Continue reading

Ask The Stylist Hairstyle Games

Carol asks… I need cute hairstyles for my softball games tomorrow? I just need cute hairstyles for my softball games tomorrow, because the boy I like will be watching them! No French braids.. And something I can put cute ribbons in… My hair is blonde, really long, and with side bangs. Thanks! The Stylist answers: … Continue reading

Ask The Stylist Hair Transplant

Carol asks… Has anyone ever had a hair transplant and what were your results? I’m looking to have a hair transplant some time this year. I lost my hair from wearing hair weaves and from stress. I’ve been applying medication prescribed by my dermatologist but its not working. I’ve also had steroid injections and those … Continue reading

Ask The Stylist Haircuts For Long Hair

Linda asks… you like short, cleancut haircuts, long hair, or bald for guys? The Stylist answers: Absolutely depends on the guy. I people need to find a style that looks good on them and not whatever they think is popular. Some guys look hot bald, while some look better with long hair or somewhere … Continue reading

Ask The Stylist Hair Loss Forum

Susan asks… My hair started falling out when I began taking Zoloft. If I discontinue taking it will my hair grow back? I only took it for 4 months. The speedy hair loss started a few weeks after starting the prescription. Im 20 and there is no history of early baldness in my family. Also … Continue reading

Ask The Stylist Perm Hair

Nancy asks… Is there a way to perm hair without curlers? i would like a tight perm but do not like putting the rods in my hair – is there a way to perm hair without using these ? The Stylist answers: Noooo…go to a salon and pay somone else to do it for you… … Continue reading

Ask The Stylist Hair Colour Remover

Laura asks… Does anyone know how to mix/ use L’oreal Efassor permanent hair colour remover? I have hair which is darkest brown and want to remove. The Stylist answers: Yeah um i would use a 30 peroxide and leave it in until yu see the color lighten not too long though and remeber tht that … Continue reading