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Helen asks…

If hairdresser quotes a price on the phone, can they change it?

When booking an appointment for the hairdresser i asked how much it would cost for a t-bar, cut and blow dry. After asking if i was going back to school for some reason she said it would be £29.95. Im usually charged £35 though. Can they change the price when i go to get my actual hair cut and does anyone know why I was asked about school?

The Stylist answers:

Jade, attorneys say an oral promise (as opposed to a written one) carries all the enforcability of the paper it’s not written on. It has no legal weight.

However, when you arrive for your appointment you can confirm the price quoted on the phone before the hairdresser starts.

I imagine you were asked about school for one of two reasons. One, pleasant chitchat because you sounded about the right age and what you were asking for is popular with students. Or two, because there’s a discount for students right now.

Hope it comes out looking great!

Susan asks…

What is the average public liability quote for a student hairdresser?

im currently studying hairdressing at college and have a few clients outside of college. Does anone know how much the yearly average insurance is for a student?

The Stylist answers:

About $500

Linda asks…

Looking for a good hairdresser Glasgow?! ?

Hi I’m looking for a resonably priced hairdresser in Glasgow I stay in kirkintilloch. I want someone who’s good at doing different styles kind of punky?! I want my hair really blonde chunky highlights with dark nearly black brown and then pink through my fringe.I had found a mobile hairdresser who quoted me between £30-£40. but she said I was too far for her to travel.
I really need someone to do my hair next week for my birthday on sat!!!!!


The Stylist answers:

The Rainbow Room is good. Also you can get studentts to cut your hair for cheaper prices.

William asks…

what is the cheapest/ most expensive profession to be in when claiming for car insurance?

had two quotes for car insurance, one as me as full time hairdresser with part time student and one the other way round,

when being a student full time my quote was £500 less than if i was a hairdresser.

i just think it’s crazy.

any one know why?

The Stylist answers:

Traveling salesman.

Maria asks…

I want hair like this. Can anyone describe this haircut,so that I can tell my hairdresser exactly what I want?

I’m going to bring the pictures with, but the last time I did that, the haircut turned out different then what I wanted. So I think that with pictures and a description, my hairdresser should get what kind of haircut I want. Here are the pictures of the hair I want-

The Stylist answers:

Point out where you want the shortest layer to come to (near your eyes level) and the longest layer (past your shoulders)
It’s choppy razored layers with a lot of volume on top and it’s straightened, with side bangs (show where you’d like your parting to be)
Good luck! =)

Sharon asks…

how do i turn my hair back medium blonde without turning it green???

about 3 weeks ago now i dyed my hair jet black… the packet promised a deep brown result but when i left it on for 15mins it went dark… i washed it out and i looked like morticia from the addams family i was in tears now tonight thursday 5th april my husbands work breakup party is at a popular club.. im embarassed as people laugh at me now anyone please help me……the hairdressers quoted me $120 to fix it i cant afford it

The Stylist answers:

I know bad hair dye can be very embarassing when the color looks wrong, but the best possible thing you can do is to just keep washing the dye out of your hair as best you can with normal shampoo and conditioner. Some people swear by bleach and color removal kits, but there is a significant risk of permanently damaging your hair if it is already dyed.

My advice to you would be to try to rinse your hair out twice a day and spend some time in the sun to lighten your hair naturally. It might not be as quick as some of the other methods, but you’ll notice the difference in just a few days, and, best of all, it’s safe.

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