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George asks…

Hair transplant?

I’m 26 and I’m thinking of getting a hair transplant. I’m obviously going bald and so I keep my hair really short. I miss having hair and having hair to style. Has anyone had good results?

The Stylist answers:

Have you tried Finasteride/Minoxidil?

Even if you take hair transplant, they would suggest you take meds to maintain what you have.

Ruth asks…

hair transplant?

what do doctors do during a hairt transplant? can young teens have hair transplant like from13-16?
look it up

The Stylist answers:

I have never heard of that.

Thomas asks…

Hair Transplant????????

I just had an hair transplant because i loss my both side hair(like top of the both ears) cuz i used to have braids :(…..i would like to knw tht do u loss ur other(natural) hair after the surgery b/c it seems like i have lost my regular hair :(

The Stylist answers:

A hair transplant does not prevent the (going to fall hairs) from falling. It only replaces the bald portion. So having a hair transplant will in no way protect the old hairs which were going to fall in the normal process. Its therefore usually recomended that you do the hair transplant at the right stage i.e. Around 20 – 30% of the normal original hair.

In your case you can get the remaning hairs done in one more transplant. Also take care of the hairs you have now. I.e. The original ones from falling. Reduce your stress levels by doing meditation like yoga. Eat lot of vegetables and fruits in diet. Also using hair oil is recomended to stop hair loss. Start meditating regularly for reducing the stress levels. Also exercise to keep the blood flow normal. Apart from this check if you have dandruff, as its the main cause of hairloss in many. I have read a related article somewhere on and it did benefit me.

Paul asks…

What is hair transplantation? Is hair transplant the only real answer to being bald?

Is hair transplant will look like the real ones? Has hair transplant got some side effects also? Is there any reliable hair restoration center/clinic in the Bangalore or South India for hair transplantation? And how much hair transplant costs? Please I need an honest answer for these as I loose hope for I am a bald guy since for the past 2years. Help me to find truth answer please?

The Stylist answers:

For hair transplantation to work, you still have to have some hair. They don’t transplant hair from another person into you. They cut hair with the follicle, usually from the back of your head (they do it in a way that you can’t tell where they have taken the hair follicles) and transplant it to the bald areas of your head. My step father had this done and it worked well. I knew he had had it done, so I could tell, and if you looked really closely you could see that the follicles were transplanted in nice neat little rows, which didn’t look natural, but again, you have to look very closely to notice. Most people you would encounter in casual circumstances wouldn’t notice because unless you closely examine your scalp, it looks natural. He had it done more than ten years ago, so perhaps they have improved methods they can use now that result in a more natural appearance. I’m from the US, so I don’t know of any doctors in your area who can do this, but I’m sure a google search would be a good place to start locating a doctor.

Donna asks…

Who is the best hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad,India?

I am loosing hair very fast and now i m planning to go for hair transplantation. Can any one suggest me the best hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad,India.

The Stylist answers:

I think you can visit Dr. Madhu at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. I have heard a lot about him recently and visited his clinic of late. I was really impressed with the way i was advised reg. My hairloss. His address:
Dr. Madhu’s Advanced Hair Transplant Center,
Rd No:36, Jubilee Hills,
If any further details are required, you can visit his website

Donald asks…

What is involved in getting a hair transplant?

I am going bald very young, I try not to let it bother me but it really is making me insecure and depressed as I am not even 21 yet.

I have heard you can get a hair transplant, where a surgeon takes hair grafts from the back or sides of your head and sticks them to the crown.

What exactly is involved in the procedure? Do you literally have a perfect hairline and thick hair, permanently, once you’ve had the operation? How much, in the UK, does it cost?

Any info welcome, serious, relevant answers only please.

The Stylist answers:

Well my dad got it done here in the US, and what they did was cut some of his hair from the bottom back and then one by one start putting each hair into your scalp, forming the hair line you want (This is going to sound groose, but it’s how they really do it. They poke your scalp with all these little holes and put one by one). My dad just got it on the front sides. He said it was very painfull, and he has blonde hair so at the begining you cant really tell he got it done baecause the hairs are really short, but in a couple of weeks you will notice the diference, that hair will get longer and start taking form. It looks very good if you ask me lol you would never know he had that done. About the price I am not sure, but for sure it is not cheap!

Charles asks…

Does a hair transplant grow and can it fall out again?

I’ve seen some hair transplants on youtube and on the net overall. And they seem to lack any addition information about its continuity. What happens next? Does it grow normally? Are we expected for it to fall out and never grow? Can you trim or shave it? If there is an actual person who had had the hair transplant procedure, will you kindly give any valid information about it. Thank you.

The Stylist answers:

If the transplant is successfull it wil grow, just like a transplanted kidney will clean your blood.

Richard asks…

Can they use hair follicules from your back or chest in hair transplant surgery?

I heard that they usually use hair follicules from the back or the side of your head when they transplant them. I was just wondering if they could use hair from your chest or back? The only problem that I could see with doing this would be that the hair on your chest or back might be of a different grade or texture and might grow differently than the hair on your head if transplanted. But my question is, is it even possible to transplant hair follicules to your head from other places such as your chest or back?

The Stylist answers:

Probably not.
The hair on the head is a different texture and diameter from chest hair.
Also, one has more follicles per square inch on the head than on the chest or back.
The graft taken from one area of the head and grafted to another site on the head will grow that hair like it had always been there.
Not bloody either like it would be from the back or chest and less chance of infection.
Very natural.

Mandy asks…

Can a women get a hair transplant to make her hair longer and thicker?

I don’t have hair loss, but I have fine hair. I have spent my life trying to make my hair full of body. Can I get a hair transplant? Will it look natural? Is it painful? What is the recovery?

The Stylist answers:

A hair transplant is not the answer since they will only transplant hairs form other parts of your head, and like you stated your hair is fine. The hair grows from a tube like depression in the skin called a hair follicle. The diameter of the hair follicle is determined by heredity and cannot be changed at any point in your life. It is unfortunate that you have spent so much time trying to alter something that will never change. The only remedy would be to alter your thinking. Long tresses are not for fine hair, shorter choppier cuts will release the weight of your locks and therefore they will have more body. Try a cute bob like Cameron Diaz, experiment with body waves, score better professional products specifically for fine hair. Do whatever you can, life is too short for this type of agony.

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