Ask The Stylist Hair Salons In Las Vegas

Donald asks…

What is the best hair salon in Las Vegas NV?

If I so chose to cut my hair were should I do it? Were is the best salon for young hip cuts that arent too costly?

The Stylist answers:

Diva Studios on South Eastern is the best in town, not exactly the cheapest…a haircut will run you about $45.00, but your hair will look fabulous and you will not regret it!

Daniel asks…

what are some good, but affordable hair salons on the Las Vegas Strip?

I will be making a trip to Las Vegas soon and would like to visit a good and helpful salon. I am not cheap by any means, but I don’t want to dish out $300 for a hair cut lol. I am a guy with short hair and am looking for a salon that would be willing to help me style my hair. For years I have only done basic styles with my hair and I am looking for something new. As you can imagine, I am totally clueless how this works. Will most salons be willing to deal with a guy who walks in and says “I don’t really know what I want, but fix me up with a new style!” lol

any help is appreciated. names of salons, price ranges, appropriate tips, etc.

The Stylist answers:

I go to Great Clips.

Sandy asks…

does anybody know of any good hair salons in las vegas? im new to the area and not too familiar.?

The Stylist answers:

Go here- i loved them when i lived there, just be sure to call in advance to get an appt.
Whoop De Doos Salon
4880 E Bonanza Rd

Donna asks…

Las Vegas hair Salon- Locals, I need your help!?

I am getting married in September in Las Vegas and I need some suggestion on what hair salon I should go to. We will be staying on the strip and I’m willing to take a taxi to their location. I am requesting a very simple hair style. I just want the front pulled back and then curls in the back. I know that I could do it myself, but the day I really want it to look good, I already have a feeling Ill get upset and It wont look right.

Any suggestions.


The Stylist answers:

Joleon Salon and Spa on E. Sunset close to the airport. It is located in the Sunset Gardens plaza. The entire strip mall is wedding related.

My daughter got married last year and we did the spa and salon deal there and they did a beautiful job on her hair. Since they are wedding specialists they know what are good bride’s hairdos and how to put on the veil correctly.

Here’s their website:

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials

Joseph asks…

Salons in Las Vegas for dyeing hair?

Where is the best place for a person to get their hair dyed in las vegas with a reasonable price

The Stylist answers:

Cosmetology Schools. They really do a great job. Most of them will be out in a Salon doing hair in few months time. They have licensed cosmetologist/instructors watching over them the entire time…And it’s alot cheaper then Salons. Http://

Paul asks…

Any good HAIR SALONS in N. Las Vegas?

I just moved here and don’t know of any good hair salons, i want a really good bob and was wondering where is the best place to go and not too esxpensive, thanx =)

The Stylist answers:

Hypnotic Salon Las Vegas
Davyos Curl Up And Dye
Salon Bellagio

David asks…

Good, cheap hair salon in Las Vegas?

I am getting married in Las Vegas in October of this year. I’ve never been there and don’t know where to look for a good hair salon that won’t cost an arm and a leg. I have pretty short hair and don’t want anything too complicated. Does anyone know a good salon?

The Stylist answers:

My wife goes to “A Wild Hair” and loves it.

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