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Sandra asks…

Anyone know some really cool hair salon free online games that are non-download and no need to make an account?

I was playing bella’s beauty boutique game, and I really liked it but it only let me go to level eleven because i didn’t buy it anyone know a website that I can get on and play for free with-out making an account and it’s a no-download one? Thanks for all your helpful answers! Please hurry!

The Stylist answers:

Hairdresser Games

Chris asks…

What is this hair salon game?

I was playing a computer salon game couple years back on a website; it was a website like L’oreal, a famous hair product selling site. It was really fun, but I can’t seem to find it. In this game, if you win a level you get promoted to places like cities (NYC, Paris, etc). Anyone know?

The Stylist answers:

Maybe it was discontinued.

Maria asks…

what is that hair salon game called?

its a free online game that is like sally’s salon but its free online and its not sally’s spa. u can pick the hair cut, wax people, and blow dry their hair.

The Stylist answers:

I think it’s belles beauty boutique

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