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John asks…

Can you recommend a very good place to get hair extensions in NYC.?

The Stylist answers:

Maybe Mr. Irish knows of a good place…

Sharon asks…

Does anyone know a nyc hair stylist that does clip on extensions?

The Stylist answers:

No but go online and look for one who does
it nearest you.

Linda asks…

Do you know of any stores in nyc that sell human hair clip in extensions?

The Stylist answers:

There is a hair supply store on 8th Avenue b/w 45th & 46th street that I believe sells clip-in hair pieces.

Betty asks…

where can i find liquid gold bond for attaching hair extensions in new york city?

i’m looking for lloneau brand liquid gold hair bond. it is a glue for weaves and extensions that dries clear. where are some beauty stores in nyc that sell that product.

The Stylist answers:

Any beauty supply

Nancy asks…

Hair Extensions for thick hair?

So, I HATE my hair. It is SO unmanageably thick that I can’t even wear it down, ever. I KNOW- people would DIE for my hair because of its thickness, but to be living with it, it’s NOT good. Whenever I feel like wearing it down, it becomes so untamed and becomes even thicker unless I’m holding it down with my hands. It just makes me look fat and I’ve been upset with it for the longest time. Now I’m not saying I want THIN and brittle hair, but I want something manageable. Do you think that if I cut my hair to around shoulder length and got either clip-in extensions or real extensions that it would help my situation? I mean I know that people get extensions to make their hair have more volume, but trust me, my hair has 10x the amount of volume that extensions have. If I just pick the thickness I want, do you think it would help?

Also, where is a good place to get clip-in hair extensions in NYC?

The Stylist answers:

Go to a Paul Mitchell school, ask for square layers. Tell them a future professional from another state recommended it. Also ask for someone in phase two. You can get extensions from

Joseph asks…

good hair salons in nyc that do scene haircut and extensions?

hello there(: i’m in need of some advice/help. i plan to get my hair done for my birthdayy which is soon, march 7. i wantt loooong extensions and i also want a cut and dyed . i wanted to know, are theree any good hair salon placess in new york city or long island that doo good scene/emo-ishh haircuts (lykk choppy layers and all) as well as great extensions.?

i wantt a haircut justt lyk this one:

shee is soo gorgeouss O: but yeah, how long can those extensions be until theyy pull too much on the hair to cause damage.? and my hairr is differentt colors, will there be an extra charge for more colors.? how would i go about explaining to the hair stylist all the colors i want in the extensions, and the cutt too.? whatt would be the estimated price.?

iff anybodyy lives around the long island/nyc area w/ a suggestion for a salon thats good in scene haircuts andd extensions would be GREATLY appreciated . i wantt to book an appointment asap.!

thankyouu thankyouu forr taking the time to read and answerr.! ;D i’ll doo the bestt answerr thingyy to the one that helpps the mostt.(; againn, thankyouu, i reallyy wantt thiss . xD

The Stylist answers:

No. Sorry. Maybe your other posts will get answered.

Donna asks…

Where can I get hair extensions?

When can i get hair extensions that are near NYC or in NYC?
1.) how much are they?
2.) when do they com off?
3.) how do you apply them?
4.) are they ‘bad’?

The Stylist answers:

You can get hair extensions in any reliable hair salon in NYC. Ask your friends or people around who have nice hair extensions. By doing this, you’ll ensure that the hairstylist you use is reliable and you get great value for your money. Nothing hurts more than paying a fortune for extensions that make you look worse than you were.

1. The price of hair extensions vary. It depends on the quality of the hair extensions that you get.

2. You can remove your hair extensions when you feel it is old. You can tell by looking at the weave. A friend can help you remove the extensions. It’s really easy. Or, you could go to the salon where you got them. They’ll remove it for you.

3. Hair extensions are usually attached to your natural hair. I don’t think you can attach extensions yourself. A hairstylist has to do that for you.

4. Hair extensions are not bad. Some hair extensions are synthetic (artificial) while some are from countries like India where the women have really nice hair and cut it off. The hair from India is then imported into the US, cleaned and treated. It is made safe for human use.

Talk to ladies who have nice hair extensions. They’ll tell you where they got theirs and how much they paid, so you won’t get ripped off.

Steven asks…

I want hair extensions……?

Does anyone know of any good salons in NYC that do hair extensions? I’ve never had them and i would like to get it done in September but don’t want to pay to much

The Stylist answers:

My name is Patricia, from and and we perform over 35 Different Hair Extension Types, the most in the country, so I can give you the best honest answer. Check the They list out by city and state people that do hair extensions. They also have different reading sections, like different hair extension methods, and news about extensions.

Keep in mind that Great Lengths, HairDreams, Remylinks, will be some of the best brands out there. Choose on a licensed hairdresser. Lot’s of jokers out there without licenses. And make sure to see if the person has lots of before and after pictures.

Good Luck in your search.


Mary asks…

Dominican or Brazilian hair extension knots in NYC???

I am looking for a hari salon or stylist that knows how to do the hair extension method that consists of tying the extension hair onto your own hair securely with thread. I have heard it referred to as Dominican knots and also Brazilian knots. I am in Brooklyn NY, but willing to travel anywhere in the 5 boroughs to have this done for a special event. Thanks in advance for your help!

The Stylist answers:

Maybe uptown has some

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