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Sandy asks…

Where can I buy clip-in hair extensions in NYC?

Preferably somewhere around Madison Square Garden? There’s no Sally’s beauty supply in NYC so I was wondering if anybody has any personal suggestions?

The Stylist answers:

Helena Collection – (212) 967-9945

Arli Blake Hair Design – (347) 559-4199 – 5 reviews

Ace International Beauty Inc – (212) 481-1090 – More

NINA HAIR CENTER – (212) 564-4247

Jenny asks…

where can i buy human hair extensions for cheap in nyc?

i looked all over online but i cant find any human hair extensions (light blonde) under $60 does anyone know a site where i can purchase them…if not i live in the nyc area anyone know a good place to buy cheap human hair..
at least 14-18″

The Stylist answers:

Glamour Extensions Clip in Human Hair Bangs Color 24 Light Pale Golden Blonde –


Donna asks…

hair extensions in nyc area?

I was wondering if anyone on here has professionally got hair extensions done in NYC/ westchester or any surrounding area they could recommend to me? and how much did it cost? thanks!

The Stylist answers:

For a good listing of places that offer hair extensions, check the They list out by city and state people that do hair extensions. They also have different reading sections, like different hair extension methods, and news about extensions.

Keep in mind that Great Lengths, HairDreams, Remylinks, will be some of the best hair extensions brands out there. Choose only a licensed hairdresser. Lot’s of jokers out there without licenses. And make sure to see if the person has lots of before and after pictures of actual clients with hair extensions.

William asks…

where’s the best place in nyc to get hair extensions put in?

and where’s the best place to buy human hair?

The Stylist answers:

Anywhere North of 110 th street.

Sandra asks…

Hair extensions?

My cousin wants hair extensions, and shes 12.
her hair looks almost exaclly like this:
Would those look ok? Could a little curl be in the extensions?

The Stylist answers:

I wouldn’t recomend hair extensions for a 12 year old.
But.. If she really wants them, then yea i think it would be fine.
She would need to get human hair extensions (you can buy them at Sallys) that way she can curl them a bit, if they don’t already come with the little curly you want.

Good luck!

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