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James asks…

What is the best hair color remover?

I dyed my hair dark auburn about 2 months ago and I want to dye it blonde now. I need to get a hair color remover that won’t make my hair frizzy.
The only place we have where I live is Sally Beauty Supply and walmart, so it’s kind of limited.

The Stylist answers:

Hair color remover is one of the worst things you can put in your hair. My best recommendation is to go and get it done professionally. If you really feel the urge to do it yourself, the best opinions are abot Color Oops extra strength hair color remover. Then make sure you keep it conditioned really well!!! Especially because you want to color it immediately afterwards.
Be careful

Sandy asks…

Should I use a color remover on my hair before dying it?

I have a couple layers of brown hair dye on my hair. I want to go blonde. Would it be easier if I used a hair color remover first or if I just bleached it first?
Also, will one make my hair a different color than the other if I put dye on it after?

The Stylist answers:

I would just bleach it. I mean if you’re just going to be blonde anyway what’s the sense in doing a step more than you have to

Susan asks…

what are the consequences of leaving “color oops” hair color remover in my hair to long?

My natural hair color is blonde, and i dyed it black. my roots are already turning back to normal but i can’t wait any longer. I was wondering if i bought color oops hair color remover and left it on longer than the 20 minutes it directs to use whats the worst that could happen?

The Stylist answers:

I suggest you go to a professional. My sister was a blonde and died her hair black. Wow, it took a couple of years to get it back to natural by using home products. It looked Orange, blonde, red, brown, etc. It may be very well worth the money to get this done in a salon.

John asks…

Help,i used a hair color remover,applied a permanent color and now want to highlight it how long should i wait?

a week ago i used a color remover about 4 to five inches from my roots, i applied a permanent box hair dye on all my hair. after watching a video on youtube, i went and bought revlon frost highlight kit and want to highlight it and then tone it with a semi permanent color. How long should i wait to highlight? its been a week.

The Stylist answers:

Wait like a month or two

Jenny asks…

Do I have to use a hair color remover each dye session?

My natural hair color is a very, very dark brown color, and I want it to be a medium ash brown color. The first time I colored my hair, I used a L’oreal hair color remover and then used Garnier Nutrisse medium ash brown. I just colored my hair a couple days ago, using the exact same hair color and brand and my hair color came out a dark brown. Do I have to use the hair color remover each time I color my hair?

The Stylist answers:

Dyeing your hair is not like buying a new outfit, if you didn’t like it, you can’t just take it back and exchange for the right style/color. It’s more riskier than that, and you’re playing with chemicals. Each time you change color, you take another step to taking a risk.

You can do one of two things, to remove most of that dye.

1. By using Tide detergent with shampoo…


2. By shampooing you hair mix with a bit of Dawn.


Here’s an example what hair stripping will do to your hair.
It is worst than hair dyes. “I accidentally dyed my hair this awful black, stripped it, and now it is this crunchy crispy mess!”

Hair strippers are chemical treatments which are intended to strip out artificial color pigment with less risk or damage to the hair. The chemicals used are called reducing agents.
Certain ‘metal’ strippers containing sodium sulphoites are sold for reducing hair dyed with metallic dyes, as these dyes react violently with tint stripper containing hydrogen peroxide-the subsequent reaction may cause so much heat that the hair gets dissolved.
Google hair dyes & cancer also. There are those who tan & smoke all their lives & do not get cancer, but there are those 2nd hand & 3rd hand smoke who do and are currently on oxygen because they can’t breath or have cancer. Same with hair dyes.

Here’s a new article I found re: henna, which is supposed to be better for you than reg. Box dye. It’s a good read!


I know hair. I have over 4 decades of hair know-how. I have silky, shiny, soft, smooth very healthy hair down to my knees. Previously damaged by perming & dyeing in the 80’s & 90’s. I’ve known people in their 30’s whose hair stopped growing from ironing their hair in the 70’s.

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