Ask The Stylist Hair Color For Men

James asks…

What is the difference between men’s and women’s hair color (dye)? Any reason a man can’t use women’s color?

Just for Men hair color and comparable products are usually $7 – $8 while women’s hair color products are often on sale for under $5.

Is there really a difference in men‘s and women’s products or any reason that a man should not use women’s hair color?

The only reason I consider doing it is cost. Seems like it would be no difference in the result but since there are so many more women’s products on the market there is greater price competition and therefore far cheaper prices.

The Stylist answers:

There is no difference. Men can certainly use women’s hair coloring kits. Hope you find the shade you want!

Daniel asks…

Is it just me or is the Just for men hair color commercials creepy?

It is the ones where the daughter helps him put a tie on then says he’ll do great at his job then hands him the just for men hair color. Then when he gets back they hug. I don’t know I think a wife would be a better character, not a daughter. It creeps me out everytime.

The Stylist answers:

All of those commercials are weird.

Steven asks…

How do you get just for men hair color stain off linoiolium?

i’m becoming less of a fan of this floor covering everyday everything that falls on it stains and i can’t get the stain off now its this hair color any suggestions THAT WILL WORK thanks.

The Stylist answers:

Can you try fantastic with bleach or clorox clean up

Laura asks…

Can you use the remaining Just for Men hair color at a later date?

I have half a bottle left and wonder can I save it for the next time I want to color my hair? Anyone ever try this? Or do you recommend a way to save the remaining hair color solution so it can be used later?

It says on the package the solution becomes inactive within an hour..though I haven’t tested this yet..
Yes I can still use it even later? Or yes it will become inactive?

The Stylist answers:


Jenny asks…

Can you wash out Just For Men Hair Color once you applied it?

I tried the Touch of Gray product and don’t like it. Is there a way to wash it out or lessen the affect of it? Thanks.

The Stylist answers:

I just used the Touch of Gray product on my husband’s hair and we liked it. What I did was when applying the product, I just applied it in only the sections that were gray. Then he washed his hair afterward. From what I understand though, it should wash out completely after a few washings. So keep washing your hair, even if its twice a day.

Susan asks…

Do they make shampoo-in hair color for men that is NOT formulated for gray hair?

I want to dye my hair a darker shade of brown, but i want to be able to shampoo it in and I don’t have enough money to get it professionally done.

I know that Just For Men makes color for gray hair color, but I have no gray hair.

The Stylist answers:

If you have a Sally’s Beauty Supply store near you, go there or any other beauty supply store. They have cosmetologists working there who can help you. Here are some of the Sally’s men’s hair color products,default,sc.html

Good luck.

Donald asks…

How Many times a month does Mit Romney dye with just for men hair color?

The Stylist answers:

I think he does it every time he changes his stance on an issue, about 4-5 I would guess.

Mark asks…

What does a men’s partial hair color mean?

I’m a guy and I want to get all of my hair colored. I was looking at the prices for this salon: and the only price I see for coloring men‘s hair is “men‘s partial”. Is this the price they would charge for only coloring part of my hair? Or is this what they would be charging to get all of my hair colored?

The Stylist answers:

I’m pretty sure this means its more like highlights or getting part of your hair colored. But if you wanted all of it colored i bet you could just go to the place and ask. Good luck

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