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Steven asks…

can i use just for men hair color but i don’t have gray hair i just want to die my hair?

can i have black hair but i want blond hair can i use JUST FOR MEN to change my color of hair but i dont have gary hair am only 19

The Stylist answers:

If you want blond hair there are better ways of going about it than buying just for men. Just for men is formulated to color grey hair and since your hair isn’t grey you’d be better off buying something formulated for what you want. Since you have black hair you’ll want something with a bleach in it to go blond. I’m not sure how well just for men would work to lighten your hair to blonde since it’s formulated to color grey hair hair and grey hair doesn’t have any pigmentation in it it’s actually clear which means it wouldn’t need bleach to lighten the hair it would need something in it to give it a blond color. Instead you should try a bleaching kit or a hair dye that has bleach in it. The cheapest way to do it is buy a bleaching powder and developer and mix your own that way you can make just the amount you want to use instead of using it all ate once the way some kits make you. That way if you don’t get it as light as you want the first time you can bleach it more a few days later without buying a whole new kit. Bleaching kits have better instructions and sometimes come with rubber gloves or tools like tinting brushes and some come with conditioner as well. I used the Garnier 100% color bleaching kit last year(it’s with their other dyes it’s just the one with the girl with white blond hair on the box) it worked pretty well and came with gloves and conditioner but the bleach mixture had to be used all at once. The next time i just bought the powder a developer and i could just mix a little at a time for streaks and touch ups and it was a lot better. If you need a tint brush for streaks an old toothbrush works well and if you do go with the powder and developer you’ll want to buy some rubber gloves because the bleach eats away at your skin if it sits in it. To prevent getting the bleach on your skin (like your forehead or ears) when you’re applying the bleach and waiting for it to work you’ll want to buy some vaseline and apply that to your ears and skin around your hairline before you begin bleaching.

If you are unsure of what you’re doing try looking up a tutorial on youtube or get a friend to help you but to answer the question you COULD use just for men on your hair but there are better products out there for what you want.

Jenny asks…

What is the difference between men’s hair color and women’s hair color? Or is there a difference?

Is “just for a men” simply a marketing ploy? or is there really a chemical difference? (please say if you Really know and not just being a goof)

The Stylist answers:

No difference. You just buy the hair color and put it on. If you have a professional do the coloring, they go to the beauty supply store, buy the color of choice and put it on your hair… No need to be “gender friendly”. It is irrelevant.

William asks…

Just For Men Hair Color?

This may seem like an off-beat question. I use JFM hair color about once a month (Light Brown). Of course, it minimizes some of the gray, but even better I love the way it makes my hair and scalp feel. I would love to use this product once a week instead of once a month, but I only want to color my hair once a month. Is there a product that would give me the exact same benefits as JFM without the color?

The Stylist answers:

This is a secret so dont tell anyone
try putting a small amout 1oz of this color into your shampoo of 10 oz without the developer and use this in between your coloring
your welcome

Robert asks…

What’s the difference between “Just For Men” hair color and any other permanent hair color?

The Stylist answers:

Just for men is a progressive tint, which builds the color up over time. However, I would discourage you from using it, because then you will not be able to use regular hair color until the color has fully grown out, and it can not be applied over previously colored hair. The results are extreme breakage and hair falling out if the two are combined.
***Edit- now upon looking at their site it appears Just For Men may not interact negatively with other haircolor brands. I would check with the company just to be sure. I know seven years ago when I was in beauty school, it was a big no-no, but they may have reformulated***

Laura asks…

how do i get black just for men hair color off my hands?

i tried nail polish remover and scrubbing it with soap and nothings working

The Stylist answers:

Rubbing Alcohol, wait, or you can go to CVS or Walgreen’s and buy a hairdye on skin remover. There is such a thing. Its for unwanted dye on skin. :)

Paul asks…

Just Fod Men Hair color Dilemma – PLZ HELP!!?

hey there,

So my husband uses Just for men (in Black) to get rid of some of the grey he has on the sides of his head. BUTTT everytime we’re ready for an application its like we’re having a surgery done. we have to wear special gowns to cover our bodies, gloves and my husband has to sit in the tub with a spong in his hand while i apply it SOOO EVER GENTLY so it doesnt splatter, and the spong so he can catch any drops right away .

the problem WE NEED HELP with is STAINS!! this stuff REALLY stains and SOOOO fast too. the product is really runny and if ONE drop gets on ur tub or the wall THATS IT,, we scrub forever but they’re still there. now at our new place last week while my husband was showering the color off, the tub’s floor was all black and he we had to scrub and scrub to get it out.

Its REALLY pain in the butt, we’re starting to wonder if everyone else who uses this product suffers like this? … what do u do?? do u have any problems?? any advice??? … why would they make such product?!

The Stylist answers:

My stepdad used that stuff for a while and he had the same problem.
We asked the hair dresser what to do and she said stop using it,
cause if it stains the tub, its not good for your hair at all.
I would used a differnt product.
Ask a local hair stylist what would be best for his hair.

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