Ask The Stylist Foil Highlights Techniques

John asks…

How do you downlight your hair with foil?

My hair is naturally light brown with different shades, but I want it to be a little bit darker, but not dark brown. First I though about using one color for the entire hair, but now I think I will do darker “highlight” = lowlights, it’s that what you call it? Anyway, what kind of techniques can be used when using foil. I don’t know if a friend will help me or if I’ll go to a saloon.
But I’m curious and want to know. I mean how do you know what strands of hair to color, how much hair in each strand, and so on.. so some kind of instructions, I mean you can color your hair with foil in different ways. Hope you understand what I mean..;)

I want a few, not thin all over my head. I did that once a couple of years ago, but I can’t understand who the stylist did. She kid of did them under the “upper” hair so the growth wasn’t visible until it almost had grown out totally. I have long hair.

The Stylist answers:

Just think of your self getting highlights, but using a dark color instead of bleach. Think if you want them noticable, streaky or do you want them less noticable and thin. Considering this will help the stylist and she can go from there. Also find pictures of what you like, pictures always help. :)

Mark asks…

cap highlighting help?

i have previously highlighted my hair with the foil technique which is now faded and my roots are dark. I am going to try with the cap now. Good or bad idea? I want to keep the color now but also have lighter blonde strands which i hope to get from the cap. I dont want it to be too drastic so should i do every other hole and only partial or what holes should i pull through?

The Stylist answers:

Ive always heard foiling is better than the cap because it is easier to tell where you are putting the streaks

Paul asks…

What do I ask for to achieve this haircolor?

Years ago I have tried to get a similar color,I brought a picture and ended up getting brassy not well blended streaks it was horrible I have been scared to get my hair done since.I really like her hair in this picture and like that the blonde is very well blended and not orange. My hair is naturally brown and I want to know if I bring this picture what can I expect to have done to achieve this color will I be getting a foil technique? Or a light brown base color and highlights on top? Any info will help Thanks!!
I have no color in it now it dark brown I dont want dark brown hair with bleached highlights im not trying to look like cruella deVil ! lol

The Stylist answers:

Its called a dark golden brown they would have to do all your hair to achive this it take 3 different colors
it takes your natural hair color a gold hair color and a lighter blond talk it over with your stylelist so she can help you achive your look and bring the pic in :)

Susan asks…

how should i frost a mens short cut that is not long enough for a cap highlight?

its not long enough for foils or cap any techniques or methods?

The Stylist answers:

Its called a shoe shine. Lol. I think its where you just put the product in your hand and shoe shine his head….not like literally put it in as if you were gonna color all of it.

James asks…

My hair looks like a skunk. 1/2 highlighted on top w/foils. Natural underneath, what should I do?

My stylist suggested this technique now for 1 and 1/2 years. I am really upset with her.

The Stylist answers:

Go to a different stylist and try to find one who specializes in color.

Mary asks…

I want to highlight my hair at the crown ..?

I am using red hair dye. I am not sure of which technique to use ..foil….or what ? im not so sure i also want to do the tips red .. Not so sure how to do that either OH and i DO NOT want to go to a hair salon!!!!

The Stylist answers:

I am a hairstylist. I can help if you’d like.

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